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Canadian Boiler Society

The CBS is always looking to increase our membership to help us promote the Canadian boiler industry and influence government policy as well as for networking at CBS events.

Canadian Boiler Society
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The Canadian Boiler Society is a society of energy and environmentally concerned companies consisting of boiler manufacturers and supplier companies to the boiler industry in Canada.

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2012 Presentations:

  • Fuels Presentation - October 17

AGM Technology Fair & Educational Forum


Next Event To Be Announced



Vapor Power International Thermogenics Inc.


Union Gas Klenzoid Rentech


Enbridge Anric weishaupt

2013 Presentations:

  • Best Practices in Instrumentation
  • Boiler Control Upgrades- Ensure Maximum Payback
  • CBS Intro 2013
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Pgm
  • Enbridge Energy Management Programs
  • Entry Level Water and Energy Management
  • Industrial Control Safety
  • Optimizing Efficiency - Multiple Condensing Boiler Systems
  • Steam for High Quality Processes
  • TSSA Enhancing Public Safety In Ontario

2012 Presentations:

  • Arctic Combustion Fundamentals Boiler Rentals
  • Enbridge CBS Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
  • Steam Specialty CBS Presentation
  • Union Gas Incentive Programs CBS



High Performance Boiler Solutions
that Improve Your Bottom Line

2013 Fall Presentations:

  • CB Automation - Larry Mclean
  • Clayton Sales and Services - Ron Polidori
  • Enbridge - Mark Cammisuli
  • Griffin Energy Services - Bob Griffin
  • Klenzoid - Dan Lodge
  • Steam Specialty Sales - Marcus Bellot
  • Thermogenics - Paul Ingham
  • Union Gas - Bob Gawley and Juan Rincon
  • Weishaupt - Grey Meyer

2013 Spring Presentations:

  • Boiler Blowdown - Factors that Affect Control Strategy
  • Boiler Efficienty Projects and Paybacks
  • Boiler Skid Packages - A Growing Trend
  • Burner Upgrade for Lower Emissions and Improved Boiler Performance
  • Considerations in selecting a new steam boiler
  • Flow Instrumentation for Boiler Application
  • Flow Meters and Their Application in Metering and Monitoring Energy
  • Hospital Sterilizers and Steam Quality
  • Program Incentives

2012 Fall Presentations:

  • CBS - Enbridge - Rebates and Incentives( Oct 2012)
  • 2012 Ajax Intro
  • ABB FARC presentation
  • Klenzoid - Water Softeners
  • NOx Pres11
  • Steam Specialty - Steam vs Hot Water
  • Thermogenics - Optimizing Condensing Boiler System Efficiency
  • Union Gas - Rebate Incentives
  • What to look for when buying a steam boiler

2012 Spring Presentations:

  • ABB - FARC - Glen Harrison
  • CBS Upcoming Events
  • Klenzoid - Energy Saving Water Treatment - Joshua Ince
  • McRae - Boiler BlowdownEnergy Recovery - David Duthie
  • Thermogenics - Hydronic Heating - Paul Ingham
  • Union Gas - Incentives - Kevin Yates

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